The TrueNeb Mesh Nebulizer – An Excellent Device to Use for Aerosol Medication Treatment

portable inhalation therapy deviceThe inhalation therapy device offered as a solution by TrueNeb ( is a portable mesh nebulizer that asthma sufferers can bring and use even while on the go. The TrueNeb breathing treatment device uses the more modern mesh technology in providing a device that allows patients to receive medicine by way of aerosol medication therapy.

It’s a treatment method that atomizes the medication dosage to ensure that every last bit will reach the patient’s respiratory system. Moreover, it works silently as it does not have the annoying sound of air compressors and vibrating tubings.

About the TrueNeb Brand of Inhalation Therapy

The TrueNeb brand was founded by a group of medical professionals. They are united by a mission to provide affordable inhalation therapy solutions for all types and all ages of individuals suffering from asthma and other kinds of lung diseases. Their commitment to do so comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that offers to send a product replacement or a refund to those who will claim dissatisfaction over the aerosol medication treatment delivered by the TruNeb mesh nebulizer.

What Exactly is the Aerosol Medication Treatment

Aerosol medication treatment is a kind of drug administration method using mist containing the medication that a patient breathes in by way of a mask or mouthpiece. Breathing in the medicated mist will deliver the medication directly into the lungs. As the patient breathes in the mist, the medication will bring relief and work toward easing away a patient’s breathing problem.

example of aerosol inhalation maskHowever, overall efficiency of the aerosol medication therapy also depends on the medication administered to the patient. The patient’s physiology, lung anatomy and breathing pattern are factors that could also affect the efficiency of aerosol medication treatment.

In the event that the aerosol treatment does not work in relieving a child of his breathing problem, do not administer the aerosol medication repeatedly as it is tantamount to giving more than the prescribed medication. The best course of action that parents and caregivers should take is to immediately consult with the patient’s primary professional health care provider.

Pointers to Take Note of When Administering Medication via Aerosol Treatment Therapy

Always check the expiration date of the medication.

Make sure that the medicine purchased from the pharmacy is ready for use and dispensed using a plastic vial or bottle.

The aerosol machine must be placed on a flat surface.

Refrain from using an extension cord to plug in the aerosol machine to an electrical outlet.