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IJMBR welcomes the publication of Special Issues in relevant fields of Medicine and Biomedicine.
Academicians/researchers are invited to submit proposals for these Special Issues. Your proposal should be within the scope of the journal.
Interested academicians/researchers may write a proposal and send to the via e-mail attachment. The proposal should include:

Name and affiliation of the Guest Editor(s), indicating the Lead Guest Editor
- Theme of the proposed issue
- Scope of the proposed issue
- Background of the special issue
- Proposed peer-review process. This should be in accordance with the Journal's policy
- Proposed deadline of manuscript submission and publication month of the special issue

Detailed CV the Guest Editor(s) should also be sent to along with the proposal
The decision of the editorial board would be communicated to the proposed Lead Guest Editor as soon as possible.
The Journal's editorial board will give all necessary support if proposal is accepted.

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